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Production Lines and output

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Titanstuc has 5 production lines, 2 for pre-weighed bags (sachets) and 3 for the production of mixed “One Packs” in granules or powder, with a global production output of 7000 MT/y. Titanstuc can supply tailor made solutions on the customer needs with different physical forms (powder and granules) and packings (sachets, paper bags, bulk bags and silo trucks).




Granulation lines

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“One Packs” in granules are produced with the granulation lines and they are completely dust free, and so they can be handled manually or using an automatic dosing system. “One Pack” can be stored in silos and transported easily through piping systems and the dosing stations to the mixers for making dry blend. You have to reach a temperature of 110 °C or more to have a good dispersion of the stabilizer in the bulk. The packing is in paper bags on pallet, bulk bags on pallet and silos truck. Paper bags and bulk bags pallets are wrapped by a PE films, acting as water and moisture barrier.



Pre-weighed bags lines

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The sachets are produced with the pre-weighed bags lines and they are made of a polymer with a low vicat point, containing the desired quantity of additives, ranging from 0.2 KG up to 8.0 KG. Operators can handle the sachets without opening them. The sachets can be transported in the production units by belts or handled directly by operators. During the dry blend mixing, the low vicat point film melts down and makes free the additives. This kind of packing is used to minimize spilling in the environment and the direct contact of hazardous substances as such us lead salts, antimony trioxide, noxious or irritating substances, commonly present even in Calcium Based Stabilizers. The packing is in PE/VA bags into UN boxes on pallets.




Production|Granulation |Dosing | Logistic

The arranging of the productions from purchasing to delivery of the final product is quick and efficient. In comparison to the big players, our lines have that flexibility permitting quick delivery time of big or small productions in comparison to the competitors.