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QMS is certified according to the standard ISO9001 and EMS is certified according to ISO14001. In  2016 both MS have been updated to the ISO9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015

QMS of Titanstuc has been certified since 1999. Titanstuc has always committed itselves to evaluate, manage and improve its environmental performance and it was the first company based in San Marino obtaining ISO14001 certification in 2001.
Aware of the impact that some chemicals may have on our employees’ health and environment, production is initiated and controlled by strict environmental procedures and in compliance with the laws in force at workplace safety.
Quality controls are performed with modern instrumentation and modern analytical methods. They start from checks on incoming raw materials, they continue with in-progress controls on the production lines and on finished products. These stringent quality control procedures allow the production of products with a high quality standard.


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