Our Game

Which color do you need for the article? Each PVC article has its own color. We have the “terracotta” for sewage & drainage U-PVC pipes, dark gray for U-PVC pressure pipes, the light gray for U-PVC electrical conduits and the white for the windows profiles. On the present day, when an article is designed and the formulation is chosen, the specific color is “calculated” by modern software and instruments. The software “sees” how much primary colors add for matching the final color of the article. And in the past? The naked eye and the ability of the operators with years and years of experience made the difference. Do you think that is a easy task? Try me and find the right combination of primary colors !

[iframe src=”https://www.thephysicsaviary.com/Physics/Programs/Games/ColorGame/index.html” width=”100%” height=”1000″]