Flame Retardant and Smoke Suppressants

Titanstuc is a leading supplier of flame retardants and smoke suppressants for PVC, in powder or granules, in sachets, bags, bulk bags and silo truck. Sometime the flame retardant complexes could interfere with some main characteristic of the final article as such as its thermal stability, initial color, color hold, rheology. Titanstuc, with his experience in stabilizers, can easily assist the cus...
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Modern and advanced laboratories

Titanstuc has two laboratories with a total Surface of 200 sm. The 1st laboratory is dedicated to the chemical analysis, the second to the physical analysis. Titanstuc analyzes with state-of-the-art instrumental techniques and modern instruments such as FAAS, XRF, SEM, HPLC, plasticorders, extruders, smoke density meters, acid smokes meters etc. It has a young and extremely capable laboratory team...
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Free services for the deformulation of the composition of articles with known and unknown recipes to solve problems and achieve specific physical chemical characteristics.  
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