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PVC stabilizers

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Titanstuc was founded in Republic of San Marino in 1980 as PVC Stabilizers producer and it is based in Faetano at Z.I. of Ca’ Chiavello. Now it is one of the most advanced chemical industry in the Republic, producing 3000 MT/y of additives for plastics, moreover PVC stabilizers and flame retardants.

Titanstuc has always committed itself to evaluate, manage and improve its environmental performance and it was the first company based in San Marino to obtain ISO14001 certification in 2001.













History of Titanstuc

(Italiano) Storia

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Titanstuc S.p.A.was  founded in 1980 in the Republic of San Marino and the company started the production of additives for plastic industries, especially stabilizers for PVC, in 1987.

At that time, Titanstuc created a new conception plant to produce additives for PVC.

The additives produced by this new process are called pre- weighed one packs (PWOP’s) or just one packs in sachets.

The PWOP is a “One Pack Bag” in which the ingredients are weighed one by one and packed in low vicat point bags.  PWOP reaches a complete dispersion in the dry blend between 90°C and 95°C.

In a few years’ time, the company has become the supplier of qualified Italian and European PVC compounders and articles producers.






Step by step


(Italiano) tappe

 Company |History |Steps| Organization |Details |Where | Associations

The steps of this constant growth are the following:



  • 1987:

Foundation of the company with a new conception plant for the production of PWOP of PVC stabilizers


  • 1987 – 1993:

Titanstuc becomes the market leader of PWOP lead based in ITALY.


  • 1994:

Baerlocher Group becomes a shareholder.


  • 1995:

Opening day of the line 2 for the production of PWOP.


  • 1996:

Opening day of the line 3 for the production of “Mixed One Pack” (MOP) in powder.



  • 1997:

Starting of the develop of new Calcium Based Stabilizers (CBS) for the replacement of Lead Based Stabilizers (LBS) for cables

Titanstuc S.p.A.: Automotive cables


  • 1999:

Certification of the QMS according to ISO9001.


  • 2001:

Starting the develop of new Calcium Based Stabilizers (CBS) for the replacement of Lead Based Stabilizers (LBS) for U-PVC and P-PVC.

Certification of the EMS according to ISO14001. Titanstuc is the first company based in San Marino with EMS ISO14001 certified.



  • 2002:

Opening day of line 4 for the production of Mixed One Pack in pellet and powder.

Titanstuc S.p.A.: stabilizers in granules


  • 2003:

Total replacements of Lead Based Stabilizers in cables (RoHS requirements).

Titanstuc S.p.A.: telecommunication cables


  • 2004:

Total replacement of Lead Based Stabilizers in P-PVC articles.

Titanstuc S.p.A.: roofing membranes


  • 2005:

Titanstuc introduces the 1st CBS for the production of U-PVC, as such as window & technical profiles


  • 2005:

Introduction of first Ca – Organic PVC stabilizers in pipes.

Titanstuc S.p.A.: sewage and drainage pipes


Introduction of the first generation of Calcium Based Stabilizers for I&M for the replacement of Lead Based Stabilizers in big diameter fittings.

Titanstuc S.p.A.: fittings for U-PVC pipes


  • 2008:

Starting of REACh Regulation. Creation of new stabilizers REACh friendly.



  • 2010:

Introduction of the 1st solutions for not chalching profiles.

Titanstuc S.p.A.: chalking


Introduction of the first  Calcium Based Stabilizers for the replacement of Tin stabilizers in transparent and not transparent U PVC articles.

  • 2011:

Titanstuc stops the production of Barium Zinc Stabilizers, offering new Calcium Based alternatives. 

  • 2015:

On DEC 2015 Titanstuc stops the production of Lead Based Stabilizers, according to   “Voluntary Commitment of the European PVC industry” issued by ESPA in 2000. In 2015 Titanstuc produced just few hundred KG of LBS.

Pb Stabilizers consumption in EU-28Titanstuc S.p.A.: calcium based stabilizers

Calcium Based vs Lead Based Stabilizers in Titanstuc: 2013 previsions up to 2015


  • 2016:

New Laboratories. The old one is renewed and a new laboratory is built. The first is dedicated to chemical analyses, the second to the physical tests. New instruments are bought and new techniques are adopted.

Titanstuc S.p.A.: new laboratory


  • 2011-2016:

Development of flame retardant complexes, called TITANFLAME, for the replacement of antimony trioxide.



  • 2018:

Opening day of line 5 for the production of Mixed One Pack in pellet and powder.










Titanstuc Organization Chart

(Italiano) Organizzazione

Company |History |Steps| Organization |Details |Where | Associations



Titanstuc Details


(Italiano) Fabbbrica


Company|History |StepsOrganization |Details |Where | Associations




Via campo del fiume 96 – 47896 – FAETANO RSM

VAT n. SM03920

Company registered by the Chamber of Commerce of San Marino under number 15


Contact from Italy
Tel 0549.996355
Fax 0549.996228

Contact from other countries
Tel 00378.996355
Fax 00378.996228



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